Fighting COVID!

There is no quick fix for COVID-19. At best, we can expect a vaccine within a year or two. In the meantime, we must do everything to be able to continue living and working without the numbers of infected people calling into question the opening steps that are being taken. It is up to us all to contribute to minimize this impact. Cifrasegura proposes a set of products that can contribute in a positive way to alleviate this situation. Protect your family, your workspace and leisure destinations. Please ensure that if you provide services to groups of people at risk of contamination, such as stores open to the public, restaurants, schools, old age homes and nurseries that you take the necessary steps to reduce the likelihood of contamination.

The solutions presented are divided into different categories designed to fulfill the most important steps, which are:


It is not easy to detect a virus carrier. Of the few signs that can be detected externally, fever is the easiest and most likely indicator. By limiting the presence of people with a high temperature, we automatically limit a segment of possible carriers. The proposed solutions range from digital thermometers to panels that detect high temperature as well as the presence of a mask, making it possible to automate access to your space in a simple way. In situations of high volumes of pedestrian traffic these systems can be complemented with doors or turnstiles in order to prohibit entry to those who do not meet the mask requirement or have a high temperature.


It is impossible to guarantee that no one with the virus accesses your space. As such and assuming that some will enter, it is important to reduce the impact that their presence may have. This is done by maintaining the mandatory distance, the use of masks, shoe protectors and barriers, reducing contact between people and the virus as much as possible.


Assuming that the virus does circulate, even with all possible care, it is important to ensure that if it is present, that we will do everything to neutralize it. This is done through regular hand disinfection, cleaning of common surfaces with suitable disinfectants, thorough cleaning at the end or beginning of each working day.

Once again, Cifrasegura offers a set of solutions designed to contribute to a better and more effective fight against the spread of COVID, through UV-C disinfection units, mobile and portable and disinfection tunnels.

The investment made in these means of prevention is not an unnecessary cost, but a bet on prevention with the perfect knowledge that by keeping the virus under control we are protecting our means of existence, in addition to ensuring a healthier and safer lifestyle. 

Fighting COVID!

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