Facial Recognition Panels

Cifrasegura´s CS-GB200 series facial recognition panels are supplied in four versions:

a) Wall-Mount (Used for mounting at an entrance doorway)

b) Pole-Mount (Used for mounting on a turnstile or reception pedestal)

c) Desk-Top (Supplied with a table-top stand and suitable for counters and reception desks)

d) On a Pedestal (Ready for use in a reception area or at the head on an entrance queue)

The units are extremely simple to configure and use. Ready for use out-the-box. Supplied with it's own firmware which allows your receptionist or security guard to monitor all entrances and intervene if necessary.

The unit will allow the simultaneous use of proximity cards, if these are normally used for access control to your premises.

They allow you to select what you want to monitor and activating these is set in yor options. It can detect temperature and whether or not the person is wearing a mask. It can sound a suitable voice alarm, and in the case of an automated entrance system such as a turnstile it can prevent entry.

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Facial Recognition Panels

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