PAW3502-V Integrated de 2 zone Unit - 500W

21 - 30 days

PAW3502-V Integrated de 2 zone Unit - 500W

Delivery in 21 - 30 days

PAW3502-V Integrated de 2 zone Unit - 500W


  • Audio rated power: 500 W freely distributed between the zones up to a maximum of 250W within a single zone.
  • 4.3” touch screen back-lighted display for alert & evacuation on zone selection, levels adjustment, settings and failure visualization.
  • Fireman’s monitored microphone on the front panel.
  • Sending of EVACUATION and ALERT pre-recorded messages.
  • 7 monitored inputs, each of which is configurable for the playback or either evacuation or alert messages, programmable for each zone, or for reset of the messages.
  • N°1 music input for sound sources.
  • N°1 configurable relay output.
  • Double output A+B per zone.
  • Secure front-panel button for operating the emergency system complete with LED
  • indicator.
  • Front-panel reset button.
  • Possibility to source either BGM or paging announcements from microphone units.
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 remote emergency microphone units PMB132/12-V.
  • EN54-4 certified internal battery charger for 24 Vdc power supply (batteries not included).




Rated audio output @230VAC

*typical distortion at 25 W 0,025%


500 W / D=2,5%*

Rated audio output @24VDC

*typical distortion at 25 W 0,025%


400 W / D=10%*


4.3” retroilluminato con touch screen 480x272 punti

N° of zones/amplifiers



Emergency microphone

Sensitivity / Impedance

Frequency response

S/N ratio

Dynamic, XLR-F socket on the front door

Signal level: 20 mV / 10 kΩ 60 ÷20.000 Hz

72 dB

Emergency units (EMG. DESK)

Sensitivity / Impedance

Frequency response

S/N ratio

1 off Rj45 for PMB132-V, PMB13/12-V emergency microphone stations

Signal level: max. 1400 mV / 85 kΩ 60 ÷20.000 Hz

83 dB



Sensitivity / Impedance

Frequency response

S/N ratio


Balanced with terminals (HOT-COM-GND)

134 mV / 31

90 ÷ 20.000 Hz

81 dB / 85 dBA



Constant voltage outputs With double lines (A/B)

One zone output can be configured as a standby for the others.

Load impedance for single zone ≥ 40 W

Overall load impedance for all zones ≥ 20 W


2 zones for 100V lines


Emergency controls

     Controlled inputs CONT. IN

     Output R1

Programmable for normally active or normally inactive state

7 off inputs with diagnostic

1 relay for signalling, state of emergency and faults,

N.O-N.C-Exchange state


Mains power supply @230VAC Consumption @230VAC

230Vac 50/60Hz +10/-15%


646 W full load (2amp active)


36 W no load

Secondary power supply @24 VDC (26,3 VDC)

Secondary power supply Consumption @24 VDC

20 A full load


0,7 A no load / quiescent

0,2 A no load / energy saving


Batteries (not included)

Suggested model: W-MS12/28 (26÷28 Ah)

It is possible to use other batteries (18 Ah - 33 Ah - 40 Ah)


Charger / Power supply unit

8 A (I max. a) 12 A (I max. b)

21 V (final voltage – detached battery) 27,2 V (complete load voltage)


Environmental operating conditions

Temperature: +5°C ÷ +40°C

Relative humidity: 25% to 75% (non-condensing)

Type of mounting

Wall mounting

Dimensions (L x H x P)

430 x 620 x 240 mm

Net weight (without batteries)

19,3 kg