56.1.27E Mini Series 5 Door Strike

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MINI - Series 5 Door Strike, 12VDC

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MINI - Series 5 Door Strike

This 100% reversible electric strike -- only 16,5 mm wide -- is one of the smallest on the market and the perfect match for narrow profiles such as aluminum, wood and PVC. Through its small size and high resistance it can fit any lock.

The radial keeper rotates inside the mechanism box of the electric strike, so the installer does not have to cut the door frame to make it fit.

All models are equipped with electronic protection to prevent damage to the access control system they are connected to. This also represents an advan-tage for the installer as the connection is not polarized.

Featuring a wide variety of functions and voltages, these strikes quickly un-lock standard doors through low power consumption.

  • Max. side-load on AC: 160 N

  • Max. side-load on DC:   10 N

  • Break-in resistance: 4.000 N

  • Operating temperature range: -15 ºC /+40 ºC

  • Housing: Zamak;

  • Keeper: Zamak

  • New hold-open system

  • Guaranteed 3 years

  • Complies with 2004/108/CE (EN 55014)

  • Corrosion resistant according to UNI ISO 9227

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