DM700B Manual call-point (BLUE)

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DM700B Manual call-point (BLUE)


DM700B Manual call-point (BLUE)

A range of call points with flying leads that can but flush mounted or surface mounted using a back-box, with 470 Ohm series resistor.

Technical Data

  • Material: Self-extinguishing Noryl SE100 Max.
  • Contact rate resistive load: 50Vac or 30Vdc: 8A /  50Vdc: 3A
  • Contact resistance: Max. 50 milliohm Series resistor
  • Colour: Blue 
  • Operating temperature -40° to +85°C
  • Relative humidity max. 90% RV


  • Easy to install
  • With or without series resistor
  • With or without LED
  • With break-glass or resettable
  • Easy to replace glass
  • Surface and flush mounting options 
  • High quality micro switch  
  • Glass protected with foil  
  • Standard EN54 symbol  
  • Standard accepts hinged cover
  • Key test facility
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